My ten-fold pledge

My ten-fold pledge

The country needs to be saved from a political mayhem, and I have committed to being the change agent for those who believe a change is the only hope the country has. I pledge my fullest commitment and responsibility to draft constitutional and legislative changes that would be required to implement the necessary changes. I am committed to SERVE the Nation and not RULE the Nation. Join us, if you too are committed to changing the direction of our country!

01A meritocracy that rewards performance & results above all else.

02A sustainable, environmentally sensitive, export-led economy that strengthens Sri Lankan businesses whilst uplifting the agricultural sector.

03Poverty reduction through equitable economic growth reaching all parts of the country and all segments of society.

04A secure, united Sri Lanka, and a free and disciplined society.

05One law for all Sri Lankans and enforced without favour.

06An education system that meets the needs of the future, empowers youth and fosters entrepreneurship and innovation.

07Gender equality where women are empowered and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

08Ensure the rights of children, senior citizens, and people with special needs.

09An efficient, effective and transparent public service that is powered by technology.

10A non-aligned foreign policy based on the security, economic & other interests of our nation.

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